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Our projects

Current projects Pre-seed and seed projects that we are currently engages with

Description of the project

SityAP comes to serve all the needs the local community has. From municipal payments, parking, local contacts, tourist information, promotions to city’s notifications to all City's residents and guests. The application's Geo system comes to show nearby services, culture locations, educational institutions, while learning about their rating and service reviews. The application gives the ability to pay municipal bills and review City Hall’s notifications.

Project parameters

• The sales cycle to start after three months from the launch.
• Full return on investment is within 15 months
• Requested 40 000 $ for 15% of the company.

Description of the project

Augmented reality technology enables ecommerce websites customers to virtually “try on” products. Face and hand recognition engine uses neural network to automatically follow the customer face and hand movement to provide real time and realistic virtual try-on experience. The newest system for creating 3d objects will allow the clients of the project to also create a 3D model of their goods using a conventional mobile phone camera.

Project parameters

• The company ready to initiate all commercial development
• The sales cycle to start after 6 months of initial investment
• Full return on investment is 15 months
• Requested amount $400 000 for 25% of the company.

Description of the project

Robotic wood processing plant. A modern woodworking enterprise focused on the production of specific wood products according to the standards of the customer's country. We pay only taxes to the state.Production is initially focused on full autonomy - this project includes its own sources of heat, electricity and water. Absolutely environmentally friendly production cycle.

Project parameters

• The sales cycle to start after 7 months since the launch.
• Full return period is 20 months
• Requested amount is $400,000 for 40% of the company
• The company to have its own supply of wood.

Description of the project

Mobile application for the integration of the private farmers market and local buyers, mostly from a close major city. The mobile application will allow farmers to directly communicate with the final buyer, bypassing middlemen and second-hand dealers, which will allow the farmer to sell their products at higher prices, and the buyer to buy high-quality goods and without excess margin

Project parameters

• The sales cycle to start within 5 months from the investment
• Full refund period is 13 months
• Requested amount is $210,000 for 20% equity in the company

Description of the project

The project offers a mobile application in the shooter genre by usage of Augmented Reality technology. The game will allow the player to capture and defend real territories using augmented reality mode from other players. The game will use the augmented reality visual interaction with the strategy rules to engage in a full user experience that will make the players interact one with another using augmented reality technology.

Project parameters

• The start cycle to start after 6 months from the investment.
• Full return in 18 months time
• The amount of investment: 350 000 $
• Requested amount is $350,000 for 30%.

Description of the project

FunPay is your new way to share your experience your fans had at business and make them benfit by receiveing a future discount! Pictures and comments of your visitors to be distributed live in all the social networks defined by you. Every picture posted that has "likes" and sharing will grant the publisher with a discount at their future visit. Every user is your promoter!

Project parameters

• The start cycle to start after 6 months from the investment.
• Full return in 6 months time
• The amount of investment: 40,000 $
• Requested amount is $40,000 for 25%.



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